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Proven Ways to Revamp Your Company Culture 

Over the past few years, many companies across the globe have experienced growth at an explosive pace. As a result, the founders and leadership of these fast-growing companies face a unique set of challenges. Talent is their primary growth obstacle, which makes scaling and maintaining culture one of their biggest priorities. When a company rapidly scales from 20 to 2,000 employees, it’s easy to see why managing culture can become incredibly difficult.  

Without even realizing it, a company can move from a passionate, like-minded team to a disengaged, unmotivated group of individuals. So, what went wrong? And is it still possible to improve employee engagement and create a better workplace for all? The answer is, absolutely! The secret to re-energizing your team is your company’s culture.  

Why Company Culture is So Important  

Company culture refers to the beliefs, values and behaviors that determine how your employees and management interact. What makes a great culture? When an organization has a strong culture, you’ll notice several things: employees know how they should respond to any situation, they believe in that expected response and they know they will be commended for supporting company values. There is an atmosphere of excellence, a clarity of purpose and a high level of trust. Employees become passionate contributors and innovative problem solvers. 

On the other hand, uncomfortable small talk before meetings, rumors and gossip floating around the office, a disconnect between goals and vision and favoritism in applying rules and policies are just a few of the common symptoms of a poor company culture. Employee engagement and culture go hand-in-hand. If culture is lacking direction, engagement will be dysfunctional as well.  


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7 Ways to Revamp Workplace Engagement 

So, what can you do to turn your company dynamic around? If your workplace feels like it’s on auto pilot, these tips and strategies will help you rethink and revamp your company’s culture. 

• 1  Define your purpose  

Before you can effectively share your goals with your employees, you must first define your purpose. Ask yourself, why do we exist? Aside from making money, what is the purpose of the company? Employees today, especially millennials, want to work for a company whose mission and values align with their own. They want to feel fulfilled. According to a Wrike survey of employee happiness, 70% of workers who said they were happy with their jobs felt that their company’s mission strongly resonated with them. Employees see purpose as a way to bring meaning to their work, which then boosts morale, loyalty, motivation, productivity and overall job satisfaction.  

• 2  Listen - and Act

Where there is feedback, you will also find highly engaged employees. Through positive feedback, your employees gain better insight into how success is measured, what they are doing well and what they could improve. Likewise, it is important to give your employees a voice by soliciting feedback from them. Ask for their opinions on company decisions and how you can better support their projects. Most importantly, show them you hear their concerns and ideas by acting on them. Giving and receiving feedback is one of the quickest ways to increase employee morale and give them a greater sense of purpose. 

• 3  Celebrate Regularly

In addition to providing meaningful feedback, it’s important to celebrate together when projects are finished or a big goal is reached. Celebrating wins regularly will not only create an open and encouraging work environment, but also helps your team feel connected to the bigger picture. Letting employees know how valuable they are to the team and showing them how their hard work is contributing to the company’s success will result in a higher level of engagement. In fact, 69% of employees say they’d work even harder if they felt their efforts were appreciated.  

• 4  Encourage Innovation

Another great way to boost employee engagement is to create an innovative environment in your company. You can accomplish this by protecting time to work on creative initiatives, encouraging innovative thinking and action and implementing suggestions quickly. When employees see that they’re influencing the direction of the company, they will be motivated to share even more of their ideas, knowledge, experience, skills, and interests. Giving employees more trust, freedom and authority will also inspire them to provide value in new ways. These passion projects and ideas can go on to touch every part of your company, even lead to financially-impactful solutions.  

• 5  Provide Opportunities

One of the biggest culprits behind employee disengagement is boredom. When employees are given access to the resources they need to achieve their professional goals, they are more likely to stay engaged. To create a culture of opportunity, take a personal interest in your employees’ career goals. Find ways to stay attuned to their aspirations and expectations, and encourage team members to pursue courses and workshops that further their career advancement. Providing opportunities will help your workers reach their goals and ensure they are passionate about their jobs. In turn, the increased employee engagement will help your organization reach success. 

• 6  Add Flexibility - and Value

The age of the 9-5 work week has come and gone, gradually fading as workforces swap traditional for flexibility. One of the secrets on how to create a dynamic workplace and boost engagement is adding value to your employees. Give your workforce what they desire above all else: freedom. Do you offer a flexible work schedule? Do your employees have work-life balance? Do you take a proactive approach to your team’s well-being? By adopting flexible policies that enhance work-life balance, you will ensure your team has time and energy for their non-work interests and help them bring their full focus and engagement to their work. 

• 7  Embrace Transparency

In a recent survey, nearly a third (31%) of respondents felt more transparency would help them better understand their employer’s goals, and 24% said it would cause them to be more motivated in the workplace. Creating an authentic and transparent work environment builds trust, which then leads to a sense of belonging and stability. Your employees will feel like they understand what they’re working toward and their role in the larger picture. Aware of the importance of their contribution, your employees will be even more motivated and engaged.  

The best way to help your employees achieve a greater sense of purpose is by first discovering it for yourself – lead by example. The Right Method RESET Signature Course can help you reset yourself, adapt your mindset and unlock the power of your purpose. Uncover how to embrace effective and collaborative leadership and inspire your team members to do their very best work.