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Your Life Goals

"The Right Method Advantage" 

Are you searching for ways to push yourself and your business to the next level? You have the ambition and desire, but do you have the resources to reach your peak performance and achieve lasting results? 


Dhomonique Murphy and our team at The Right Method, LLC. have pulled together the world’s greatest minds to empower you with the accountability, insight and tools you need to define your personal path to success. 

Define Your Personal Path to Success

The Right Method Coaching is for you if: 


  • You’re ready to finally learn the secrets of success that the most successful people in the world use to rise to the top 

  • You’re ready for total transformation

  • We are going to work with you to achieve optimal results in your life, career, relationships and wellbeing

  • You've been struggling to figure things out and are ready to have someone who’s done it and show you the exact steps to take

  • You’re willing to put in the time and work hard. Signature coaching is for serious people who are willing to work for results

  • You want to finally be in control of your life 

  • You want to make more money 

  • You want to show up and have people wonder, “How does he/she do it?” 

  • You want to look better, feel better and do better 

  • You have a winners-mindset (or at least aspire to have one) 

The Right Method Personal Business Coaching

Dhomonique Murphy

A three-time Emmy Award-Winning television host and journalist, Dhomonique has pulled together her remarkable story of perseverance and more than a century’s worth of knowledge from proven leaders in the fields of business and inspiration to help you transform your life.


Many people are held back by fear of the unknown, unforeseen obstacles and their own limiting beliefs – they allow these unexpected scenarios to postpone or even cancel their goals. 


Learning how to reset yourself and adapt your mindset is the secret to continuing to accomplish your aspirations in life. The Right Method will help you elevate your mindset and break patterns that are holding you back. 

Define Your Personal Path to Success

The Right Method Personal Business Coaching




This is YOUR time to live the life YOU want to live 


This is YOUR time to be confident and win


This is YOUR time to be accountable 


This is YOUR opportunity to stop wasting your time and get the ANSWERS you need to get to the next level 

This is YOUR time to start believing in yourself

This is YOUR time to take ACTION 

This is YOUR time to stop making excuses and start taking action

The Right Method Personal Business Coaching