6 Signs of a Strong Money Mindset

A strong money mindset is a gateway to an abundant life. Whether you are happy, neutral, or displeased with your finances, you have the power to improve your wealth with your thought patterns. When you acknowledge your habits around money, you gain insight as to how you can work through any mindset blocks. Do you stress out about saving, or do you trust that you have the ability to make the money you desire? Were you taught that you need to work hard for money, or do you believe you can make great money doing what you love? How do you feel about the ever-popular saying, "money is the root of all evil?" Regardless of your current relationship with money, you can easily shift your thought patterns to cultivate a strong money mindset. Here are 6 signs of a strong money mindset:

You Speak Positively About Money

Instead of thinking of money as something dirty or taboo, you regard it as a powerful tool that can enhance your life. Maybe money doesn't buy happiness, but you know without a doubt that you can do a lot of good with it. You don't feel guilty about making money, because you know how much it improves the lives of you and your loved ones. You view money as a vehicle to the lifestyle you desire, which inspires you to want to make more of it. You don't talk about money as though it is hard to come by. You know that there is enough abundance to go around for everyone. Maybe you have a big upcoming expense. Instead of stressing over paying the bill, you trust that you will gather the necessary funds.

You Believe You Deserve Abundance

You don't have any doubts that you are worthy of making the money you desire. Rather than thinking certain income levels or lifestyles are out of your reach, you know that anything is possible for you. You don't back down when faced with the fear of uncertainty and are open to the opportunities success brings. You aren't threatened by others' success, but instead, feel inspired. When you see someone else achieving something you desire, you don't feel envious; you question, "why not me?" and "how can I do the same?" You believe you deserve abundance, and you take action to make it happen.

You Regularly Invest in Yourself

Investing in yourself allows you to learn and grow. You value how much time, energy, and/ or money you will get back from your investments. Instead of staying stagnant, you continuously seek opportunities to become a better version of yourself. Rather than hesitating to invest in yourself, you consider the return of your investments. When it comes down to investing in yourself, you are resourceful. You think of every possible way you can make something work. If you know deep down how much investing in something will benefit you, you take the initiative to improve yourself. 

You Respect Your Money

Respecting money is a sign of a strong money mindset. You feel gratitude for your money and use your money wisely. When you earn money, you take the time to feel grateful for it. Even finding a one-dollar bill leaves you feeling excited about your unexpected blessing. When you spend your money, you also feel grateful for all the goods, services, and experiences it allows you to enjoy. Rather than frivolously spending money you don't have, you take care of how you save, spend, and invest the money you do have. You carefully plan for financial stability, but you also live a comfortable lifestyle that you enjoy.

You Give Back to Others

When we view money as the energy exchange it is, we're more likely to experience ease and abundance. Conversely, when we cling tight to our money, we are signaling to our subconscious mind that money is scarce or hard to come by. Giving back to others doesn't feel counterintuitive to strengthening your relationship with money. You leave good tips, donate to causes you believe in, and give freely to others. You love positively impacting people with your money. When you give money to others, you genuinely feel empowered and abundant. You trust that more money will find its way to you and that you will not end up shortchanged.

You Value Purpose Over Greed

Of course, you love to take vacations whenever you want. But your reason for loving money goes deeper than that. You desire to positively impact others, make a difference in the world, and leave a legacy. There is no better feeling to you than watching the money you earn better peoples' lives. You are more motivated by the ways you help others than the dollar amount in your bank account. You love providing value to people and don't compromise your morals just to make a quick buck. Knowing how much good you can do with your money is what drives you to keep making more of it. 

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